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Puppet Pals HD


Puppet Pals HD provides great opportunities for students to record their thoughts and animate what they have learned. Have them share exciting parts of stories. Give examples of cause and effect. Demonstrate idioms taken literally. These are just a few ways you can have your students produce quality work with this app. Best part is, the student can send it straight to your inbox. Post it on your teacher website for all to see.

Here is a great example of the first graders from Mrs. Yoder’s class using this app. They wrote the attributes for a mystery three-dimensional shape. Their classmates will have to create the shape based upon their clues.


2 responses to “Puppet Pals HD

  1. mrlyoder

    Michelle Yoder tried this app today with her first graders. She reported that in order for the students to email the video, it had to be less than one minute. Good information to know!

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