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Perfect Captions

I placed Perfect Captions in Presentation Tools because it really does not apply to a specific subject area. It really could be used for any subject. I recently have used Perfect Captions with several first grade classrooms. Students can use it to share a picture of their learning, or a picture that the teacher has provided for a project. The student then can place text directly on the picture.
Wifth first grade students, I had students create their own book reviews to introduce it. They took a picture of the book’s cover, and wrote a sentence to share what they like about the book. Please also keep in mind that this is the first time they have used the app. It does take a little practice.
Here are several examples of a student work:

Perfect Captions

I also did this with a first grade class to make a Christmas card. For this class, I had a set of pictures that I collected in a shared folder. I taught the kids how to download the pictures to their device. They then imported the picture from their camera roll, and typed a holiday message. It was a fun, first project using the application. The students quickly caught on to using it and were able to make a Christmas card in a short period of time. Here is an example of a Christmas Card they made:

Perfect captions christmas


About Lance Yoder

As I was finishing up my seventh year of teaching fourth grade, I was avidly preparing myself for 1:1 technology. Kids were blogging, making videos, presentations, etc. I was ready for the kids to have a device sitting on their desk all day. The position of a technology peer coach came up. Someone to help teachers implement technology in the day-to-day scheme was what was requested. So now I have a full year under my belt as a coach. Sometimes I teach or assist with lessons involving technology. Sometimes I teach kids how to use apps. Sometimes I collaborate with teachers on how they can replace something they used to do to use the devices that are available. Sometimes I feel like I am the tech department. My job has been interesting in the last year and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to be helpful to you as I bring a few years experience in the classroom as well as one year of heavily becoming a nerd.

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