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Knight-Time Technology is an interactive tool for multiple devices. Students can use iOS, Android, and PC/Macbook devices. In many ways, InfuseLearning reminds me of with a few more bells and whistles. You can send pictures to students, and students can draw on the examples as a response to you. Your computer collects the data so that you can see each students’ response. Like Socrative, it also includes multiple choice, true/false, and fill in the blank responses.

I have yet to try this version with an entire class. I have done some trial runs with a few students on their laptops just to see how things went. It is a little tedious for the students to draw with their laptops if they are not using a mouse.

If you are interested in attempting to implement it into the classroom, let me know. I will be happy to assist you.

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About Lance Yoder

As I was finishing up my seventh year of teaching fourth grade, I was avidly preparing myself for 1:1 technology. Kids were blogging, making videos, presentations, etc. I was ready for the kids to have a device sitting on their desk all day. The position of a technology peer coach came up. Someone to help teachers implement technology in the day-to-day scheme was what was requested. So now I have a full year under my belt as a coach. Sometimes I teach or assist with lessons involving technology. Sometimes I teach kids how to use apps. Sometimes I collaborate with teachers on how they can replace something they used to do to use the devices that are available. Sometimes I feel like I am the tech department. My job has been interesting in the last year and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to be helpful to you as I bring a few years experience in the classroom as well as one year of heavily becoming a nerd.

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