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Skitch can be used in the classroom to demonstrate knowledge of a subject. Students can take pictures of an event and caption each step that took place. Once the pictures are saved in the camera roll, the pictures can be imported into other applications (PixnTell) to actually make a presentation.

This application is actually intended to work with an Evernote account. However, you can bypass the log-in screen, and save the captioned photos to the camera roll. Evernote provides a great opportunity for switching between devices. When I make screen captures on my iPad or iPod, I prefer annotating them with Skitch because it automatically loads straight to my computer through my Evernote account. This makes the transition between my iPad and laptop seamless.

For East Noble Employees Only:
Evernote is currently blocked for mobile devices on the East Noble School Corporation network. You will still be able to use Skitch. Also, giving students Evernote accounts would require a parent permission form. We will be working on a permission form in the future to address accounts to be made for the numerous online services that are available.


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